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John E. Goode, Jr. Professor of Aerospace and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Graduate Aerospace Laboratories

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Louisa Avellar

Department: MCE
Co-Advisor: Kaushik Bhattacharya
Degrees and institutions: MS Mechanical Engineering, California Institute of Technology; BS Mechanical Eningeering, University of California, Berkeley
Mail Code: 104-44
Project: Deformation and fracture of heterogeneous materials
Christian Kettenbeil Department: GALCIT
Co-Advisor: Mike Mello
Degrees and institutions: Master of Space Engineering, Caltech; Diplomingenieur, Dresden University of Technology
Mail Code: 105-50
Project: Shearing resistance of glasses at high pressures and high strain rates
Kimberley Mac Donald Department: MCE
Degrees and institutions: MS Civil Engineering, University of Miami; BS Architectural Engineering, University of Miami
Mail Code: 104-44
Project: Experimental methods for imaging and digital volume correlation of heterogeneous brittle materials
Matthew Newman Department: GALCIT
Degrees and institutions: MS Aeronautics, Caltech; SB Engineering Sciences, Harvard University
Mail Code: 105-50
Project: Melting and solidification in multi-component materials
Tomoyuki Oniyama Department: ME
Degrees and institutions: Bachelor of Engineering, Keio University
Mail Code: MC 104-44
Project: Shock compression
Zach Sternberger Department: GALCIT
Degrees and institutions: PhD Aeronuatics, Caltech; MS Aeronautics, Caltech; M2 Fluid Mechanics, École Polytechnique; BS Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech
Mail Code: 105-50
Project: Determining strength of materials under dynamic loading conditions using hydrodynamic instabilities


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