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John E. Goode, Jr. Professor of Aerospace and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Graduate Aerospace Laboratories

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2011 - 2012 Courses

Ae/AM/CE/ME 102 abc. Mechanics of Structures and Solids.

9 units (3-0-6); first, second, third terms. Prerequisite: ME 35 abc or equivalent. Static and dynamic stress analysis. Two- and three-dimensional theory of stressed elastic solids. Analysis of structural elements with applications in a variety of fields. Variational theorems and approximate solutions, finite elements. A variety of special topics will be discussed in the third term such as, but not limited to, elastic stability, wave propagation, and introductory fracture mechanics.

Ae/AM/MS/ME 213 - Mechanics and Materials Aspects of Fracture

9 units (3-0-6); second term. Prerequisites: Ae/AM/CE/ME 102 abc (concurrently) or equivalent and instructor’s permission. Analytical and experimental techniques in the study of fracture in metallic and nonmetallic solids. Mechanics of brittle and ductile fracture; connections between the continuum descriptions of fracture and micromechanisms. Discussion of elastic-plastic fracture analysis and fracture criteria. Special topics include fracture by cleavage, void growth, rate sensitivity, crack deflection and toughening mechanisms, as well as fracture of nontraditional materials. Fatigue crack growth and life prediction techniques will also be discussed. In addition, “dynamic” stress wave dominated, failure initiation growth and arrest phenomena will be covered. This will include traditional dynamic fracture considerations as well as discussions of failure by adiabatic shear localization.
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